Glossopedia of Pen Terms

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QF (also Q.F.) See Nozac.
Quadrata A subclass of Blackletter scripts used most commonly for the German language during the early days of printing. Shown below is the Quadrata style used in Johann Gutenberg’s Bible (c. 1453). See also Batarde, Blackletter, calligraphy, chancery, Fraktur.
Blackletter exemplar
quill  1  The central shaft of a feather, comprising the hollow larger end, or calamus, and the solid smaller end, or rachis.   2  (also quill pen) The immediate ancestor of the dip pen: a feather, usually a primary from the left wing of a goose, that has been made into a pen for writing by removing the barbs for some distance up the shaft to provide clearance for the writer’s hand, heat-tempering the exposed calamus for strength and durability, and cutting a split point in the end of the calamus. See also dip pen 3  A term for the taper of a desk pen. See taper.
Quink An elision of quick and ink; Parker’s registered trademark name for a proprietary quick-drying fountain pen ink introduced in 1931. For many years, Quink’s advertising featured “Solv-X,” a special ingredient claimed to clean the pen while you use it. See also Solv-X.

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