The Final RichardsPens “Pen Show Tray”

All of the pens on this tray have been offered on regular trays in the past. They didn’t sell then, so we’ve reduced their prices in the hope that they might strike your fancy for a little less lettuce than before. They’re all fully restored, and they carry the same warranty as the pens on the tray above. Happy hunting!

All of our tray pens are fully restored to good writing condition unless otherwise noted. By “good writing condition” is meant, in addition to proper function, that nibs are aligned, set for reasonable flow, and not scratchy. Particularly nice writers are so noted in their descriptions.

Except for pens that are described as being in “mint” or NOS condition, these are used pens. We guarantee all of our restoration work (resacking, nib adjustments, etc.), and we ship the pens in good working order. However, they are still used pens, and we cannot make the same guarantees against defects or for length of life that their manufacturers made (such as Sheaffer's Lifetime guarantee).

Empirical evidence collected over several years has made it clear that some Noodler’s inks can and will destroy pens. Many vintage pens, because of the materials of which they are made, are especially susceptible to destruction by these inks. For this reason, our guarantee is void if a pen you purchase from us fails after you have used any Noodler’s ink in it. For more information, read our article on inks.

We grade pens according to the following condition scale. Within a grade, we use + or – to indicate shades of variation; for example, a pen that is B+ falls into the B grade and shows so little use that it is only marginally not A2.

Condition Description
A1 Mint” (uninked). Shows no signs of use.
A2 Mint” (inked). As for A1 but may have been dipped or inked.
N   New Old Stock (NOS). Unsold dealer or manufacturer stock. Not dipped or inked but may show shop wear.
B   Excellent. All parts original and showing only very slight signs of use. Very slight surface scratching; very minor discoloration or brassing; crisp imprints; no significant dings.
C   Fine. All parts original. Some discoloration and brassing; light or worn imprints; small dings to metal or scratching on plastic.
D   Fair. Some parts possibly not original; significant brassing or discoloration; very worn imprints; dings and scratches. Maybe a good writing pen or usable for parts.
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