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(This page revised August 2, 2018)

On the first of each month, we publish Nib Noise, a free email newsletter. This is not spam; we will not send Nib Noise to you unless you subscribe, and we’ll stop sending it to you if you unsubscribe.

In addition to short articles about what’s new for sale, where the next pen show is, and other items of interes, each issue of Nib Noise contains Broad Strokes, which is usually a new article that Richard has added to the Reference Pages section.

The most recent issue of Nib Noise is posted below — except that we don’t post it here until a few days after we’ve mailed it to subscribers, so for the first few days of the month you’ll be looking at last month’s issue.

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Nib Noise * Volume 17 Number 4 * July 2018

Welcome to Nib Noise. I hope you'll enjoy reading this month's issue.

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS NEWSLETTER! The robot that sends it out
hasn't yet learned to read. If you have comments or questions, send
email to:

To subscribe or unsubscribe, please visit the Free Email Newsletter page
on my site:

*** RIP Jim Rouse ***

In case you haven't yet heard, Sunday, the final day of the Miami Pen
Show, was marred by the passing of Jim Rouse, who collapsed at his
table. He was immediately given CPR and transported to a hospital where
he was rushed into suergery, but he had suffered a massive coronary, and
the doctors were unable to save him.

Jim was one of the greats of pen collecting and a real friend to
everyone who knew him. He managed the Baltimore shop of Bertram's
Inkwell for many years; when he left there, he worked for Hampton-
Haddon, the American service center for Sheaffer pens and the producer
of Waterford pens. After leaving Hampton-Haddon, he became an essential
member of the Franklin Christoph team, known among other things for
tuning nibs to a high standard. Generous with his knowledge and kind to
a fault, Jim became a fixture at pen shows across the U.S.A., and he
will be sorely missed by his many friends -- and, too, by those who
never even knew his name but were pleased by the writing qualities of
pens that he had worked on. Jim, go with God.

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eo. Requiescat
in pace.

*** The St. Louis Pen Show Is Over, But... ***

The First Annual St. Louis Pen Show went down at the beginning of July,
and it was a good show. There were many well known exhibitors and a
welcome smattering of newcomers. The venue was good, the organizers did
a tremendous job of making everyone feel welcome, and it looks as though
the show was a real winner. The organizers have already booked the hotel
for next year, and that means they are serious. So are we. I can't say
with certainty that we'll be there in 2019, we're looking positively at

*** Our Next Pen Show... ***

...will be in September. We will not be attending the Washington DC
SuperShow this year, but we are definitely signed up for the Fifth
Annual Commonwealth Pen Show at the Holiday Inn Boston Bunker Hill Area
Hotel, on Sunday, September 16. It's a one-day show, but it's a good
one, and well worth the trip if you are close enough.

For information about the show and the hotel, please visit the show's
Web site.

We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. We'll be
there all day, and we hope to see you there.

*** The Glossopedia ***

A major feature of my website is the Glossopedia, a hybrid between a
glossary and a single-volume encyclopedia. With more than 1500 defini-
tions and descriptions, more than 900 illustrations, and more than 2100
cross-references, it's the most comprehensive of its kind  on the Web.
Each month, Nib Noise includes a randomly chosen Glossopedia entry.


Latremore. (Latremore’s Fountain Pen Exchange) A pen repair and sales
business located in Boston, Massachusetts; founded c. 1905 by Lewis W.
Latremore. In addition to repairing clients’ pens, Latremore sold pens
that he assembled from parts made by the Sterling Pen Company and the
Pollock Pen Company, using nibs made for him by the Bay State Gold Pen
Company. In 1936, his son, a naval aviation cadet, was killed while on a
training flight; three years later, Latremore sold his business and
moved to California to be with his daughter-in-law. The Boston business
remained in operation until 1951. See also Pollock, Sterling (definition


To immerse yourself in the Glossopedia, follow this link:


To create links to specific single entries in the Glossopedia, follow
the instructions in the "How to Bookmark or Link to Pages" page. For
example, here's the link to the entry above:

*** Broad Strokes ***

The Pen Doctor dropped in on the Nashua Pen Spa this month, and here are
his newest prescriptions for solving the problems you've always wanted
the answers to.

To help you find reference articles on our site that have been edited
recently, there is a handy heading right at the top of the reference
index, listing the five most recently added or edited reference pages.

*** Sharing the Wealth ***

I think sharing information is a good thing, and I note that many people
post links to my articles on websites such as the Fountain Pen Network
and various pen groups on Facebook. To encourage such sharing by making
it easier and more uniform, my site has a page titled, "How to Bookmark
or Link to Pages on This Site," showing what I call the "best practices"
way to do it. It's quick and easy, and it creates short, snappy links
that are easy to remember, like this one:

*** Frustrated with Linking to Pages on ***

Even with the slick linking system I've worked out, linking to my site
is still not as easy as it could be. If this bothers you, you will be
happy to know that I am gradually converting the entire site to HTML5,
the latest standard for web sites. At this time, about 300 pages have
been converted. When I have converted the other 200+ pages, I will
remove the obsolete frameset and make linking to my site so easy you
won't be able to resist it. Please be patient, as I can't work on this
every day, but do know that it's coming.

*** Follow Us on the Internet with Facebook ***
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