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Among the nicest things we receive from our clients are notes of thanks. On this page you will find some of the email messages we’ve received about our work. Sometimes these notes are accompanied by, or are themselves, lovely works of art. You will find some of our clients’ artwork on our Art Gallery page.

Thank you for your music nib.  I just received my second one, and am very pleased.  I wanted a second, because I want to have 2 colors available to write with at all times.  This has become my favorite nib to write with.  I love the line variation, the large amount of ink it lays on the page, the beauty of the writing it produces, and the comfort of writing with it daily.  Thank you again.  I have found the pen I have been searching for for years.

Nancy Baldwin

The Black Admiral arrived in the mail on Friday. That is fast.

I find this M700 nib to be truly wonderful with which to write. It has all the characteristics I had come to enjoy with my 15 year old Toledo nib.

Thank you. It is just as I hoped.

Nib: A smooth cursive italic that looks great under 20X magnification. The tip underside is flush with the nib body... amazing...

Color: I like black pens.

Body: Looks good to me and is a good size for writing and pocketing.

Posting: Posts easily and with stability.

And I do like pens with proportionally large nibs, which this one does have.

All the best,

Jim Leonard

I just received my Pelikan M700 nib. I installed the nib a M200 barrel which I purchased from you earlier this year.

I find this M700 nib to be truly wonderful with which to write. It has all the characteristics I had come to enjoy with my 15 year old Toledo nib.

I am truly appreciative of the option you have given us to order custom Pelikan pen/nib combinations.

And of course, your “Binderizing” of the nib makes it all the more wonderful to use.

Once again, thank you!


William P. Keenan

Richard – thanks for what you did on that Balance. She is a really sweet writing pen. I have grown accustomed to the excellence of your work - though I never take it for granted - but this nib stands out even among other excellent nibs. I think I may even have said "wow."


Mina Ingraham.

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note thanking you both for the excellent service you both offer. Great service not only with the actual purchase, binderizing of nibs and packaging of my order but your before purchase patient help. This has been greatly appreciated especially as it makes buying from overseas smooth and rewarding.

Love the items. Currently using the Pelikan M200 with the italic cursive nib - I love it.

Hope to do business with you again, just wish the postage costs were not so prohibitive (or I'd be buying nibs from you regularly). But on the upside the parcel arrived super quick.

Kind Regards

Kate Jardin-Summers

I just returned from the post office with my new Namiki/Pilot Fermo. I filled it with Parker Quink and wrote a few lines…

Am I pleased with my purchase? You bet. Mr. and Mrs. Binder and Mr. Baer, you are masters of your craft. Your enterprise and its operation are what made this country great and I salute you and extend to you my best and most sincere wishes for your continued success.


Randall G Endicott

(Transcription of a handwritten letter)

As you know, in the past week I have purchased two Pelikan M800s, each with a medium nib -- the blue stripe and the red stripe. Both are outstanding writers. (I have filled one with Waterman Florida Blue and the other with Diamine Amaranth ink as you can see here.)

I wrote to thank you for the obvious care and attention that you devote to the pens that you send to your customers. You can count on me being a repeat customer.

My best,

Craig A. Rimmerman

It has been about 4 weeks since the return of my Arco that you adjusted from a medium to a Waverley EF.

I can now say, with an enormous grin on my face, that without doubt this is my favourite pen for writing! It is beautifully smooth, consistent and the line just right.

Those who hold you up as a nib Guru can now add me to their number.

I loved my Arco when I received it, but just didn't write with it that much as the medium was just too wide for me (always smooth and beautiful, but too wide). Now - just try to get it out of my hands!

It was a long wait, but the writing has been more than worth it.

Thank you again.

Nicholas Gold

I received my Waterman 14 today. It works beautifully. Many thanks for the extra work you did on it. I have the sense it must have been a complicated job if it required a refitting of the section, which is beautifully polished and smooth to the touch... Writing with it, I find it works best with barely a feather's worth of pressure on it. It does give out a rich flow of ink.

Thank you again, Richard, for your superb work on my pen. It's always an exciting day when I get that package from you in the mail.

Steve Schneider

Got the stubbed flexed-up 14K M800 nib yesterday "demon flex" huh? Love it!!

No worries from this left hander.

Seriously, though, I just love the nib. It is better than perfect. I just wish I could use it to grade with, but that's what my small handful of Italians are for.

Mille Grazie, vielen danke, thanks.

Rick Propas

I received the nibs yesterday and must say that they are both a real pleasure to use. The music nib is much better than the Sailor music nib. They are not even in the same league. I can't say enough about the flexible nib; except to say that is it the most pleasurable writing instrument I have had the privilege to use.

Jeremy Francisco

My (repaired) pens arrived yesterday. I was so totally impressed with the quality of your work, I needed to drop you this email.

The purple ink stains were completely removed from the Esty, so much so if I hadn't seen the ink stains, I wouldn't have believed it. The button fill Esterbrook (naturally the one I was most concerned with), writes beautifully! The difference in the flow of ink, is drastic. It is a pleasure to write with. And, that is just great, as the joy from having a rare pen comes from actually getting to use it often.

But, I was blown away by what you did with the Newton pen. From the damage that was done to the pen, I thought it was one step away from the recycling bin, but with a "what the heck" thought I packaged it off to you with the other two. If I didn't know the pen was mine, I would have believed that you just replaced it. (And, actually, upon first glance upon unpacking it yesterday, I wondered if you did.) But with the slight dent in the barrel, I did recognize it as my own. The work done to the clip (which I don't think was even requested as a part of the work mentioned on the pen) astounds me, as I thought it was beyond repair. Further the work on the loose cap ring, makes the pen nicer to close than when it was new! And that leaves the work you did on the nib -- I don't even know what to say. This pen rolled off a desk and landed vertically downward onto a wooden floor, taking the full impact force directly on the nib. When I retrieved it, the nib was literally bent like a question mark. Yet yesterday the nib looks brand new, and I spent last night writing with it. What you did to that nib is incredible. As a teacher, I just hope that you are passing on your expertise, skill and knowledge to the next generation.

Finally, I do now understand the glowing recommendation that was related to me by another pen enthusiast ... and if I ever found myself in a similar situation, I would highly recommend you.

Robert Busch

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