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The Reader’s Corner

LogoI like to read. I suspect that you probably do, too. Here in the Reader’s Corner you will find some of my recommendations. Also, at the end of most Extra Fine Points articles, Don Fluckinger offers a suggestion for further reading. Click on a link to buy a book directly from (Ebooks are also available from other sources.) When you buy a book in this way, we receive a small percentage of the sale price. By partnering with, we can offer most of these books at prices lower than we would otherwise have to charge. (There are a few books listed here that Amazon doesn’t have; for those, the links will take you to appropriate dealers.)

My Most Recent Good Read

Here’s a book that I especially like — and think you might like, too. As you will quickly discover, I actually wrote this one. I'm very proud of it, and I hope it will entertain and educate you.

cover 366 Days of World War II
For more information and to purchase this book, please go to the Richard’s Books page.
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