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(This page revised November 28, 2016)

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From time to time, things find their way into the attic that should really go to people who can use and enjoy them. Barbara wants to spread the wealth, in a manner of speaking, and this page is filled with things that she’s brought down from the attic. Some are new, some are gently used, some will need TLC. All have prices that should make them quite appealing.

Pens from the Vault

Just in time for you to make a magnificent gift to your very favorite pen collector, I am offering the pen that has been featured for the past year on my Richard Binder • Fountain Pens Facebook page, this solid gold Skyline Command Performance from my personal collection.

Fountain pen Magnifying glass
Fountain pen Magnifying glass

A Few Miscellaneous Items

One never knows what will end up listed here. There might even be a pen!


Hobby Master P-51D Mustang. 1:48 scale fully assembled die-cast metal model. Built as Serial Number 44-63984, wearing its natural aluminum skin, and nicknamed "Margaret IV," this North American Mustang was assigned to Major James Tapp of the 78th Fighter Squadron, 15th Fighter Group, 20th Air Force. It is painted as Major Tapp’s plane appeared while stationed on Iwo Jima during 1945. Major Tapp was credited with 8 victories. Parts included to display the plane with landing gear in retracted or lowered position. Canopy slides, pilot figure included. Many Hobby Master P-51s are currently available, but this one has been discontinued. Includes original packaging. Price: $60.00

The “Attic Tray”

What? Another Tray?

Well, yes and no. This is another tray, but it's a tray of ten nominally identical pens that I consider restorable. I think one or two of these might make a delightful gift for that novice collector whose repair history includes a few lever fillers and Touchdowns. Posted lengths vary slightly. Present condition varies slightly, but all look good enough to produce excellent results when restored.

The RichardsPens Nib Shop

Except as noted, these nibs are brand new. Except as noted in the listings, each nib will be adjusted and tuned (Binderized) before we ship it.

The nibs listed here are all the nibs we have available at this time. Please don’t ask if we have others, but do check back from time to time, as we are continually unearthing things we had forgotten we had.

I can customize any of the gold nibs listed here (except those that are already reground) at my regular rates. Please email immediately after purchasing a gold nib if you’d like a quotation on customization. Note that this does not apply to steel nibs.

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