Barbara’s Attic

(This page revised June 5, 2017)

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From time to time, things find their way into the attic that should really go to people who can use and enjoy them. Barbara wants to spread the wealth, in a manner of speaking, and this page is filled with things that she’s brought down from the attic. Some are new, some are gently used, some will need TLC. All have prices that should make them quite appealing.

When I was a kid, the Chrysler dealer in town had a “Sawbuck Special” on his used car lot. He marked the car’s price down by a “sawbuck” ($10.00) each day until the car sold. The pen listed below is Richard’s Sawbuck Special. (There is a bottom price below which I won’t let this pen go, however, and after it hits that price, it will simply disappear from this page.)

If the price is the same as it was at this time yesterday, click here to update the page.

Fountain pen Magnifying glass
Fountain pen Magnifying glass

The “Attic Tray”

The RichardsPens Nib Shop

Except for a very small number of the Parker and Esterbrook nibs, these are factory new nibs. In most cases, they are priced below wholesale. At these prices, we are offering them as-is, without tuning or adjustment. We can no longer offer customizing for any of these nibs.

The nibs listed here are all the nibs we have available at this time. Please don’t ask if we have others.

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