Barbara’s Attic

(This page revised September 13, 2017)

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From time to time, things find their way into the attic that should really go to people who can use and enjoy them. Barbara wants to spread the wealth, in a manner of speaking, and this page is filled with things that she’s brought down from the attic. Some are new, some are gently used, some will need TLC. All have prices that should make them quite appealing.

The “Attic Tray”

We bought a small collection, and there are two full 20-pen trays here. Be sure to check them both out!

Condition Grading of Restored Pens

We grade pens according to the following condition scale. Within a grade, we use + or – to indicate shades of variation; for example, a pen that is B+ falls into the B grade and shows so little use that it is only marginally not A2.

Condition Description
A1 Mint” (uninked). Shows no signs of use.
A2 Mint” (inked). As for A1 but may have been dipped or inked.
N1   New Old Stock (NOS) (uninked). Unsold dealer or manufacturer stock. Not dipped or inked but may show shop wear.
N2   New Old Stock (NOS) (inked). As for N1 but may have been dipped or inked.
B   Excellent. All parts original and showing only very slight signs of use. Very slight surface scratching; very minor discoloration or brassing; crisp imprints; no significant dings.
C   Fine. All parts original. Some discoloration and brassing; light or worn imprints; small dings to metal or scratching on plastic.
D   Fair. Some parts possibly not original; significant brassing or discoloration; very worn imprints; dings and scratches. Maybe a good writing pen or usable for parts.
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